Tom's work has been described as a "labour of love". Recent success wih his solo career has by no means prevented his appetite for getting his dub out and about.

This is what Tom has to say about Free.

"It's been 9 years since I released my last International Observer album, Felt. Due to other musical activities 😉, there hasn't been time to record another since, but with the help of my archivist, I've dug out two collections of my remixes and three EP's of unreleased tracks. Free from the Dungeons of Dub features thirteen tracks from the Dungeons of Dub series, gilded with the addition of three brand new dubs recorded over the last 18 months, one of which is an exclusive remix of the title track of my new Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey album, Science Fiction. The collection is available on CD or download or stream via

TB: A lot of these side projects I did were just labours of love. When we took a break from The Thompson Twins, I just started doing my Indian stuff and all the dub as they were really just things I’d always wanted to do. There wasn’t really any plan – it wasn’t about high profile success and we weren’t really interested in making a lot of money from it. I was just doing it because I enjoyed it. There was no journey as such."