International Observer Heard Review:-

"By nature of it's idiosyncratic 'bleeps n tweaks' production tendency and reputation for inaccessibility, electronic dub needs to work bloody hard to keep ahead of its audience's preconceptions.

Fortunately, that is exactly what this tranche of dub ambience does. Live instrumentation, rampant use of a sampler and a fearfullness in shifting the tempo up a gear or two, each contribute to an LP that sits as well within the DUbstep revolution as it does in the traditional sphere of Roots. Examples of the breadth explore in Heard include the breaks-esque Two Steps at a Time Sweet Jesus and At the Coronation: a cheeky evocation of Lord Kitchener-era skalypso.

This diversity is unsurprising given IO's background. The project is the brainchild of Tom Bailey, a man who for the last 25 years has fulfilled some fascinating musical roles, taking in a stint as keyboardist for legenday Europ-trouser-rocets Foreigner (?!) and as founder member of none other than the Thompson Twins. Yes, the Thompson Twins. Beautiful. From mullets and Saturday Supersore to the dub vanguard. Surely it's only a matter of time before Rick Astley re-invents himself. 8/10".