Retouched - A reflective flavour of remixes that embody the last 2 decades of International Observer's musical mission as a Dub Instrumentalist.

As with it's predecessor "Retouched" unravels the various musical acts that have been hybridised by this form of electronic dub; opening up new cross genres for many in the process. The depth and range of interest modulates from the underground atmospherics of Pitch Black to the Indo Fusion meditative rythms of Holiwater.

Released at a busy and succesful time for Tom with other musical commitments, the album taps into the experimental past of another one of his joint creations, Babble: - Popular with the neish techno ambient fan base of the 90's and created in musically conjuicive Newzealand.

With a substantial back catalogue of material from a variety of musical projects, dub enthusiasts from around the globe can only look forward to more sounds being touched again.