Stinky Jim, The Fix: " .......For International Observer it is their debut full-lengther having teased us with remixes, compilation cuts and a dazzling live experience. There are no surprises on 'Seen' but it isn't a hindrance, the melodies are so strong and bountiful, the production and arrangement so tight, that you'd have to be a half-deaf doofhead not to get into the Observer's submerged sound". Graham Reid, Real Groove:

"The long-awaited album is available now and you can hear the depth of that interest. It's in the grooves, and there's ample evidence without Bailey having to say that this really is something special. It is...

This is dub-ambience of the finest kind. It comes complete with surface noise scratches, Indo-percussion, underplayed techno touches, Burning Spear's and Black Uhuru's leisurely loping rhythms, and weird disassociated voices peeping surreptitiously through the mix. Wonderful on all fronts.

What separates International Observer from the pack? The sense of coherence and purpose, plus a melodic engagement and some duppy-scaring echoed bass nodding back to the earliest days of the Ras/dub tradition. When the Rastas say 'Seen', they mean it as in: 'Yep, I've witnessed that to be true.' International Observer. Seen then." PressGary Steel, Metro Magazine: